Monday, November 19, 2012

Resumes, Essays, and Apps...Oh My!

Phil here...Christiana has been writing our blog posts up till now, but considering that I am also a writer, we figured I should take a turn every now and then.

The process of choosing a school has not been an overnight process.  We have been thinking and praying about this for almost 9 months.  In February, we took the list of RCE partner schools and chose places where we felt our individual gifts could be most effective. Initially we had about 6-7 schools that we were considering.  Since then we have taken schools off the list and added more to it.  As we have been narrowing the list, and then expanding, and then narrowing, we arrived at a "Top 5."

I already had a resume written up from last year (the first resume I had ever had to write), so a few weeks ago, Christiana tweaked it (she is an excellent tweaker), and we sent off 5 copies.  Almost immediately 4 of the 5 schools responded.  The 5th never acknowledged our contact, so we took it off the list.  Over the past 2 weeks we have had conversations with the 4 remaining schools. We've been quite busy trying to get applications filled out, essays written, and names and addresses together for reference forms. And through this process we have narrowed our list once again and have sent in applications to 2 specific schools.  

And now... we wait.  Again.  And you are probably on the edge of your seat waiting for us to tell you which schools we have applied to.

Please don't hate us, but we are going to make you wait a bit longer.  When we have been offered jobs officially, we will post again. In the mean time, please pray for us as we continue to seek wisdom in making our final decision.

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