Sunday, July 21, 2013

There is No "Plan B"

We've been back on the road for two weeks, and after multiple speaking engagements, meetings, and presentations of our power point we've reached 65% of our monthly support. We're thankful for each & every pledge.

Obviously, we're still not at 80%...which means we still haven't purchased plane tickets...which means we have no concrete plans to leave the country on August 15th, even though that's our intended departure date. Each time these details are revealed to our audience, there's always someone who asks, "So what will you do if you don't reach your support goal?"  Our answer is always the same:

"We have no 'Plan B'."

When we made the decision to return to the mission field, we did so without backward glances. Phil gave up his salaried job at the school. We didn't renew our lease. We packed the shipping container. We sold our car. When we left Florida two weeks ago, we did so with the mindset that we were headed to Prague on August 15th, because that was when we were asked to be there.

The support hasn't come in as we had hoped it might, so we have two choices - we can be distracted by discouragement and start concocting a contingency plan, or we can stay the course of our support tour, and continue to put our trust in God to work out all of the details. 

We invite you to pray & agree with us to see amazing things happen in the next two weeks. We know that we serve an awesome God, and we've already seen Him do remarkable things with our documents, our visas, and our hospital registration. This financial component is still a large hurdle, but there is no need so great that God is not greater still.

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