Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Two-week Countdown

It's the last day of July. We're hovering between 71-72% of support raised. God has been so gracious in providing us with additional speaking engagements, and slowly but steadily, He's providing new sponsors. We only have $1585 left to raise in monthly pledges.

This would be the equivalent of:
     One hundred new donors making pledges of $15.85 monthly
     Seventy-five individuals giving $21.30 on a monthly basis
     Fifty people giving $31.70 each month
     Twenty-five people pledging $63.40 per month
     Ten people (or churches) giving $158.50 monthly
     Any combination of new pledge commitments. 
We are so incredibly grateful for everything which has already been given, and we continue to trust the Lord to provide for the remainder of our monthly needs.

We are still holding fast to our target date of August 15. That's just two weeks from now! There are many tasks to complete before this time, not the least of which is purchasing our airline tickets. We're finally in communication with a travel agent, so at least we're getting closer.

Today & tomorrow are our last days in Missouri - we're leaving Friday morning for Iowa & points north, so please continue to pray for us as we travel. Our greatest needs (aside from the last portion of our monthly support) are for safety, health and strength. We do not want to arrive in the Czech Republic completely worn out! 


  1. So tearfully happy to watch and see our precious Lord continually answer prayer after Faith blessed Faith...and it equaling such joyous joy.

  2. Are you coming to Minneapolis at all? Let me know! Would love to see you!
    Zhenya Hutson