Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Down to the Wire

We're about 36 hours from our anticipated departure time. There is still so much we need to accomplish, and we need your prayers.

One major issue looming over us is the fact that we do not have a rental "contract" for a place to live once we arrive (we have a housing agreement - apparently not good enough). While we're not too concerned about it for ourselves this is a big deal for getting our shipment delivered. We've been trying to get the necessary paperwork in order, but it's not happening as quickly as we would like. Please pray for all of these details to fall smoothly in to place. Pray that we'd be able to sign a "contract" even on the day we arrive!

As for getting ready to go, here's our "To Do" list for the day:

  • Attempt to scan & send the additional paperwork to clear our shipment for delivery
  • Send final financial documents to RCE
  • Confirm our airline reservation & our tickets
  • Double check to make sure our passports, visas & letters of service are in a safe place
  • Make one last trip to Wal-Mart for the toothbrushes, pain relievers, vitamins and the other random things we forgot to buy
  • Re-sort all of our belongings & baby gear - even with the extra bag allowance, we're not sure we can get it all into the suitcases.
  • Call our bank & credit card companies and remind them that we'll now be accessing our accounts from outside the US
  • Get last-minute haircuts
  • Call various insurance agencies and make sure everything is in order
  • Call family members "one more time"
  • Try to get a full night's sleep before tomorrow's departure
We are so excited about all that God has in store for us in the Czech Republic - we just have to get there first! Please continue to agree with us for a smooth departure.

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  1. Looking forward to meeting you both in Prague. Praying for your Journey.