Friday, August 23, 2013

What a Week!

We've been in the Czech Republic exactly one week. In this time we have:

  • Celebrated at a colleague's birthday party
  • Purchased sim cards & activated our phones
  • Attended an international worship service
  • Looked at apartments
  • Acquainted ourselves with the tram network
  • Registered our visas with the foreign police
  • Looked at apartments
  • Visited our new OB and received a clean bill of health for mommy & Baby B
  • Signed more documents for the shipping company to deliver our container
  • Looked at apartments
  • Started orientation at CISP
  • FOUND an apartment
  • Checked out the metro system
  • Investigated a thrift store
  • Registered ourselves for "Open Cards" (the Prague transportation cards which will also double as library cards)
  • Signed the rental contract for our new home
  • Celebrated our first week in Prague with a date night, and somehow ended up on the wrong tram home

The biggest praises this week are for the very encouraging doctor's appointment, and the location of our new home! While this apartment did not come "fully equipped" as we had hoped it might (it's missing a refrigerator and it doesn't have a washing machine), it is a very good-sized apartment, and it's only a ten-minute walk from school. It's also one of the only buildings we looked at which allowed a stroller to roll right in off the street - no two flights of stairs before we even reached the elevator. 

Even though it doesn't have a single stick of furniture in it yet, we're moving in TOMORROW, and we appreciate continued prayer for the safe & hassle-free delivery of our container. It's supposed to be here next week - we'll see whether that materializes or not.


  1. Praising and thanking God with you! He is a great Provider. Continued blessings! Diana Luethje

  2. Yay! How did you like the OB? Was it to your satisfaction? And I like that you "investigated" a thrift shop. It sounds like you went in as undercover cops.