Monday, August 12, 2013

Why Monthly Matters

Yesterday we announced that we were nearly at 90% of our monthly support goal. After recalculating, it turns out that we're just above 85% in pledges. It's not a huge difference, but it is a difference. Our support account has a positive balance, but we are still in need of the last 15% of monthly support.

Why does it matter whether or not we have 100% of our support in regular pledges? Great question. Here are some answers:
  • We are required to submit a total estimate of our financial needs, based on a monthly budget. This budget is then used to structure our "salary", which is paid to us at the end of each month. 
  • Should our salary be more than the total amount of pledges received, this could eventually lead to a serious account deficit, which might require us to return to the US sooner than expected.
  • If we receive a gift which has no commitment attached, we have to count it as a one time gift, because there is no indication that the contributor plans to support us in the future.
  • Although we have been given some very generous one-time gifts, we cannot always count these as part of our total monthly support because inevitably this money will be used to cover donations which were forgotten to be sent, or regular commitments which were cancelled before the end of our term.
Another very positive thing about donations sent as regular pledges is that for that moment, we are very much in someone's thoughts, which frequently prompts them to pray for us. This prayer support is every bit as vital as the financial gift.

We're continuing to trust in God's timing and in His provision for all that we need to serve in Prague for these next 4 years.

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